Compare Darwinism, Creationism/ID, Cosmic Ancestry

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DarwinismCreationism/IDCosmic Ancestry
Origin of life?chance (1)God/unspecified
intelligence (1)
undemonstrated (2)
Source of life?the cosmos
Origin of genetic programs?chance (1)God/unspecified
intelligence (1)
undemonstrated (2)
Source of genetic programs?the cosmos
Can mutation and natural selection produce microevolution?yes (1)maybe/yesyes
Can mutation and natural selection produce sustained macroevolutionary progress?noonly with HGT (3)
Can new genetic programs arrive suddenly?no?/yesyes
Has life inhabited Earth for more than three billion years?yesno/yesyes
Did higher life forms descend from lower ones?yesno/maybe, but how?yes with HGT (3)
Does apparent sustained macroevolutionary progress require ongoing miracles?yes! (4)yes/yes?no. it's actually development (7)
What existed before the standard big bang? (5)nothingGodsomething
Was there life before the standard big bang? (5)nonoyes
What caused the material world to exist?the big bangGodscience cannot answer (6)
What caused life to exist?chanceGod/unspecified
science has no answer (6)
(1) The answering philosophy treats these two questions as the same question.
(2) The origin of life and the origins of genetic programs are assumed events lacking direct supporting evidence and without logical grounding except for the standard big bang.
(3) HGT = Horizontal [or Lateral] Gene [or DNA or RNA] Transfer.
(4) The superastronomical unlikelihoods that darwinian evolution must overcome are effectively miracles.
(5) "The standard big bang" is thought to have created everything at once ~13.8 billion years ago.
(6) "Some Things Are Simply Given" [pdf | docx] by Brig Klyce, v 106, "Advances in Genetics," Oct 2020.
(7) Evolution or Development?
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