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A modern imagination predisposed to a belief in science... will generally find that neither creation nor evolution overcomes its profound conviction of ignorance. — Jacques Barzun, 1964 (0)

The big bang theory presents an interesting meeting place for modern science and established western religion. Both groups seem happy to agree that the universe originated out of nothing in an explosion at a definite time very long ago. A few scientists may go on to assert that no further explanation of the universe is necessary, because before the big bang there was no time, so there was no "before the big bang." Stephen Hawking likens the problem to "What's north of the North Pole?" In western religious philosophy the big bang implies the existence of a creator outside of physical existence to launch the whole thing. Pope Pius XII stated so on 22 November 1951, early in the development of the theory (1). Either way, as long as the conversation keeps to the near side of the big bang, the theory holds nothing for science and religion to disagree about (2).

John Paul IIThe same kind of truce has helped, to a lesser degree, the Darwinian paradigm for evolution and the origin of life on Earth. The theory says life originates out of nonliving chemicals and evolves to higher levels of organization simply by following mechanistic laws. Western religions say yes, and every mechanism has a creator. But here the truce has been uneasy. October 22, 1996, in a message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope John Paul II (right) acknowledged the significance of the mainstream theory of evolution. But his overall tone was cautious. And that evolution was now "more than just a hypothesis," as he was widely reported to have said (3,4), is possibly a mistranslation (5) of "more than one hypothesis" (6). In any case, the Pope went on to say, "Rather than the theory of evolution, we should speak of several theories of evolution."

While evolution is now accepted as a fact by science and is becoming accepted by the Catholic Church, the mechanism underlying its most important aspect, macroevolutionary progress, is not clearly established. Even science acknowledges that the mechanism depends on very long streaks of luck. The evidence for it is thin, a working model has not been demonstrated, and consensus within science has not been reached.

This weakness presents a welcome opening to some practioners of western religions (where consensus has also not been reached.) Many religious thinkers believe that the creator's role has been unduly diminished by modern science. They believe that if science's mechanism for evolutionary progress and the origin of life doesn't work, a leading role for the creator is restored. This sentiment provides the primary motivation behind creationism or "creation science." While any science with a hidden agenda is suspect, nevertheless, valid scientific research and writing is occasionally done by advocates of creationism. And if scientific answers are scarce, creationists nonetheless ask some important questions about evolutionary progress and the origin of life.

Science can tolerate being unsure about some things. But science cannot entertain the notion that there are phenomena in the everyday natural world that require supernatural intervention. That requirement would emasculate science. Yet that requirement is precisely what creationists, by definition, want to establish. Darwinism responds to this challenge with scientific excommunication — "It's not science." This reaction often causes Darwinists to dismiss too hastily the valid scientific points creationists raise against aspects of Darwinism (7). In this way Darwinism behaves much like a religion with its own cherished, unquestionable beliefs. And so, for explaining evolution and the origin of life on Earth, a holy war is being waged. (The warlike fervor is evident, for example, on the Internet newsgroup "talk.origins" (8). Manners improved only slightly when the newsgroup became moderated in 1997.)
There is no third position!
George Wald was a distinguished biochemist at Harvard who shared the 1967 Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. The attitude expressed in his 1954 article, "The Origin of Life" (9), hinders scientific imagination, but it is widespread —
Modern biologists, having reviewed with satisfaction the downfall of spontaneous generation hypothesis, yet unwilling to accept the alternative belief in special creation, are left with nothing.

A Third Alternative

If biology had followed Pasteur's paradigm instead of Darwin's, and if Cosmic Ancestry were the prevailing theory today, the mechanical theory of nature would be sufficient to account for apparent evolutionary progress and the origin of life on Earth. There would be no need for supernatural intervention. But neither science nor religion seems interested in Cosmic Ancestry as an alternative. Most biologists are so committed to Darwinism that they treat any radical alternative as unscientific. And creationists are quite pleased if the scientific alternative is mandated to be Darwinism. A gridlock has been reached.

In one important respect Cosmic Ancestry is fundamentally different from both Darwinism and the prevailing western religions. Both hold that life arises and evolves from simpler beginnings. Darwinism purports to explain this process with material causes; religions do so with supernatural causes. In Cosmic Ancestry life neither arises nor evolves to more highly organized forms from simpler beginnings. With only material causes, it just doesn't work. But life can, with only material causes, descend from prior life at least as highly evolved as itself. Thus in Cosmic Ancestry life only descends.

As for where this life comes from "in the first place," the question may be misguided. Science cannot answer every question. For example, why is there anything instead of nothing at all? The existence of the physical world, with or without a beginning, is a phenomenon that science cannot reduce. We are suggesting that life is a phenomenon of equal magnitude that science cannot reduce (9.5).

In science God never emerges from behind a curtain and performs an act of supernatural intervention. This principle is maintained if life has no beginning. We think this conclusion is the scientific one. From a religious perspective, conversely, life that comes from eternity is an unassailable miracle.


Evolution or Development?

The word evolution originally meant "opening" or "unfolding," as when a bud becomes a flower. A faithful English paraphrase for "evolve" is "turn out." After Darwin, however, evolution came to mean the process whereby prokaryotes ultimately became people. Yet Darwin admonished himself, "Never use the words higher or lower" (10). And he scrupulously avoided all variants of the word "evolution" in his Origin of Species, until the very last sentence.

Today, science wants to remove any hint of progress from the meaning of "evolution." In biology now, the technical meaning of "evolution" is simply "change" (11). The process whereby a seed becomes a flowering plant, or an embryo becomes an adult, is now called development. Development appears to entail progress, because the embryo acquires new organs, systems, tissues and features as it develops. But the genetic programs for these new properties were present in genes that the embryo already contained from its beginning as a single cell. Today's "development" has replaced the original "evolution." And today's "evolution" ignores the obvious progress that occurs when prokaryotes eventually turn into people.

In the following several pages we will question whether evolutionary progress in a closed system is possible. If it isn't, as we conclude, life's past must be eternal, and evolutionary progress is actually evolution in its original sense, development, on a grand scale (12).


On the creation-evolution debate, I foresee continued conflict. Both sides will continue to lie, cheat and steal to make their points — David Raup, 1997 (13)

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If science and religion are so broadly similar,... they should at some time clearly converge — John Moore (14)

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